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Seeking Arrangements Review

Wondering whether Seeking arrangements is a sugar daddy website or a luxury dating site for serious relationships?

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Sugar Daddy Australia >> How Seeking Arrangements Work in Australia?

Seeking Arrangement Review: Sugar Daddy Dating Site or Luxury Dating Site

Seeking Arrangement Overview

Seeking arrangement, which is also known as, is world’s largest seeking arrangement websites based in the United States, has accumulated 10 million members across the global. Now, it started to change its site to be a luxury dating site working for only abundance men and beautiful women for serious relationships. change After various backlash from the public, the rebranding felt it traded money for love. Seeking arrangement platform offers service for sugar daddies, sugar mummies, sugar babies and gay sugar babies. The platform is well-designed and easy to navigate on its PC and mobile website. Since it’s first launched by Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California in 2006, it has granted a great reputation out of the medias and social networks. It aims at connecting rich sugar daddies\ sugar mummies with attractive sugar babies for forming a date and build mutually beneficial relationships. Sugar daddies on seeking engagement platforms are majorly old-age rich men who are out for some fun.

Sugar babies mostly are university and college girls seeking financial support in exchange for fun and other arrangements that may entail getting intimate. Seeking arrangements connects users for mutual benefits. The rich show generosity to the less privileged but to satisfy their desires. promises the rich in society to meet the most beautiful ladies and men, most of whom have various economic constraints that have forced them to seek alternative ways of getting money fast and cheap. Seeking arrangement over the years has shown success and effectiveness as a sugar relationship dating platform.

Best Australian Sugar Baby Profiles

sugar baby perth, Australia

Shelley, 20

Sugar Baby Perth.

sugar baby Melbourne, Australia

Jennifer, 24

Sugar Baby Melbourne

sugar baby Brisbane, Australia

Vincent, 20

Sugar Baby Brisbane

Member distribution

The platform has roots in the USA but has spread worldwide, with users in more than 130 countries. It has over 20 million users. The US has the largest number of users on the platform. Over 2 million users on the site are students from various universities searching for sugar daddies and sugar mummies. The platform has over 500,000 users in the UK, while Australia has over 200,000 members using the site for seeking arrangement in Australia. Africa has fewer members on the platform.

4 Sugar babies per sugar daddy

Sugar babies are the majority on the platform, making up to 80% of the users, while the remaining 20% are sugar daddies. The site supports sugar daddies, sugar mummies, gay sugar daddies and sugar boys. It gives you control over the gender and type of person you would love to meet. The site supports gay users as its main focus is breaking the traditional definition of love. After financial support and fun, sugar babies are mostly young and beautiful women or college girls. Sugar boys are college boys after money and fun who end up matching with sugar mummies in need of company.

Features of seeking arrangement

Verification and background check

After submitting your details on the platform, Seeking sends you a confirmation email that requires you to click on the link provided to complete your verification as a user. It will then ask you to scan your ID or driver's license and a picture of yourself; once the identity is confirmed, it gives your account a verification badge. A background check is done on identity, address, criminal records and any sex offenses, mostly on sugar daddies. Background check is mostly done on US citizens but can be done on other users.

Safety and privacy

The site tries to have mechanisms in place to prevent pseudos and scammers who are sex hunters or after financial gains only without reciprocating the needs and consent of their match. Those various cases have been reported of sugar dates gone wrong or involving underage sugar babies on the site. The site also promises a high degree of privacy for its users. The Diamond club users and rich sugar daddies go through a financial background check to prove their financial status.

Customer service

The site boasts 24-hour customer service to attend to its users. Customer service answers various questions related to the usability of Seeking Arrangement. They also attend to challenges users might be facing concerning navigation.

Seeking Arrangement app

Seeking arrangement can be accessed by downloading its app on the play store and for iPhone users on the apple store though iPhone users are advised to use the site instead of the app. The app was removed from iTunes in 2008 due to various breaches.

How much does it cost to use Seeking Arrangement?

The site is free for sugar babies who can freely look for sugar daddies and mummies. The sugar daddies must pay to use the platform with various subscriptions provided. One-month costs around $79.95; a three-month subscription is 209.95 US dollars, and a six-month subscription of six months costing359.70 US dollars to use the platform. An annual subscription is available for platinum members for 1,250 US dollars; you can only join after completing a 2-month premium membership. The site also rewards its users with discounts and promotions on various subscription products.

Dating Site User Rating SD/SB Ratio Visit Site
Secret Benefits 9.8 SD: 20% | SB: 80%
Sugar Daddy Meet 9.8 SD: 35% | SB: 65%
Seeking Arrangements 9.2 SD: 22% | SB: 78%
Sugar Daddy 9.6 SD: 27% | SB: 73%
Whats Your Price 9.2 SD: 20% | SB: 80%

Seeking FAQS

Is Seeking Arrangement legit in Australia?

Seeking engagement is available in Australia, with up to 200,000 Australians on the platform searching for sugar relations. Men make up to 90% of the users in Australia willing to give beautiful women gifts and money, expecting company in returns which comes in various ways like sex. The site is legit in Australia, but it will come with its pros and cons depending on how you use it.

How to sign up/log in to Seeking engagement?

Sign up or login seeking arrangements is quite simple and easy. A search on the web on will direct to various features of Seeking arrangement with a signup option indicated. Click the signup link, and it will start by asking your gender, either man or woman. Next, it will require you to specify whether you are on the site as a sugar daddy or sugar baby. Sugar daddy is used as a general term to refer to both sugar mummy and sugar daddy. It then asks what gender you would be interested in, either men or women or both, as it supports gay sugar daddies and babies.  

They will then ask for your email for the account and the password you will use on the site. You will then create a username and add profile pictures of your choice. After accessing the site with your profile, you will be able to add various information such as ethnicity, religion, height, hobbies, education and relationship status. Other habits, e.g., drinking and smoking, the number of children you have or whether you would like to have them someday, are filled. Users will then select features and habits of what they are looking for or the kind of match they prefer. Age tags and the preferred age of those you want to be matched with are also included. Sugar daddies give additional information like their financial status to gauge their ability to give tokens to their match.

How to use the Seeking arrangement website work?

Seeking cab be accessed through its website on seeking .com. After signing up, it will start by giving users to match what you are looking for on the site. You can narrow them by filters of newest, location, college and other specifications. If you find someone who meets your criteria, you can send them a message and wait to see if you match with the other user. Premium subscriptions offer more usability and the features you can access on the platform. Use various filters in searching for the perfect match. Also, a profile picture of you and availing more information about you make other users easily notice you.

Is it possible to browse anonymously on

This feature is only available to premium users of the platform. It is possible to be anonymous on but under the premium membership. Sugar daddies can set their profiles to be hidden and only be in contact with sugar babies they match.

Is it safe to use the Seeking arrangement website?

The seeking arrangement website is safe for use due to various security mechanisms put in place, but it is easy to fall for scammers; hence it is advisable to get to know someone you have met before committing to them or deciding to meet them.

Does Seeking Arrangement offer a refund?

The platform has a strict policy and does not offer any refunds for memberships' time or money not used.